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Indulgent Choc-Nut Dessert Toast

Indulgent choc-nut (and fruit) dessert toast


Per serving:

2 thick slices cut from a brioche loaf.
Coconut oil
200g of quality chocolate (milk, white or plain as you prefer), broken into small pieces
50g of chopped nuts (your choice, walnuts and/or almonds work very well).


1. Toast brioche, then soak in a shallow bowl of coconut oil. (The top of the toast should not be submerged, keep it crispy).
2. Transfer the oil soaked brioche to a heat resistant tray lined with greaseproof paper.
3. Cover each piece with chocolate and nuts.
4.  Place under a medium heat grill until the chocolate melts. (Watch it carefully as this doesn’t take long.)

Serve immediately with a bowl of sliced bananas, strawberries or another fruit of your choice. (Optional)

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