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Electric Versus Safety Razors

Many men shave at least once daily, and the majority of them choose to use an electric razor for the task, rather than a safety or straight razor.

Shaving with an electric razor is much faster and more convenient than using a straight or safety razor. There’s no need to carry blades, special foams or gels, and post-shaving soothing creams, or to depend on having a water supply. Simply use it wherever there’s a power outlet. Battery operated razor offers even more flexibility, especially on overseas business trips.

They are also safer, as there’s less risk of nicking the skin or developing ingrowing hairs, which can later become problematic. This makes electric razors an especially popular choice amongst young men who are new to shaving.

Electric razors are not just for men who shave. They can also be used to trim or groom existing facial hair, making them a good choice for men with a beard, moustache or sideburns, and extremely versatile for those who switch between being clean-shaven and not.

Men with fast growing facial hair may find they need to shave more than once a day with an electric razor, as the result isn’t as close as a traditional wet shave can achieve. However, with practice and experience this still works out to be the least time consuming option.

In terms of cash outlay – there is a higher initial spend on an electric razor, although the money saved on replacement blades over the years makes it a better deal overall. With regular cleaning and care an electric razor can last for a long time.

Men who prefer a manual shaving method can choose between using a straight or a safety razor.

Straight razors have a distinct fan group of users who enjoy taking the time this process involves. Although shaving this way requires a lot more time than other methods, most men find the extremely close results means they only need to shave every second day.

Although they are not cheap to buy, with regular sharpening a straight razor can last a lifetime.

Safety razors are often the first choice for those on a budget, as the initial spend is generally around half that of a straight razor. However, users should bear in mind that the blades will need to be replaced after four or five uses. As well as raising the overall running costs of this type of razor, it can be inconvenient if you run out of spare blades.

Safety razors are available in different models, with some offering extra blades for a very close shave. Bear in mind though that they can still under-perform if a man has extremely thick facial hair.

Despite their portability and convenience many men report razor burns and/or skin irritation as a result of shaving with safety razors, especially when using the dual bladed versions.

Overall, when considering the initial and long term costs, convenience level, speed and overall results, it’s no surprise that electric razors remain the most popular choice for most modern men.

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