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Sausage And Egg Toast Scramble

Sausage and egg toast scramble – makes a great brunch


Per hearty serving:

1 large sausage (chorizo or your choice), sliced and grilled/fried
2 large eggs
A splash of milk/knob of butter (for scrambling eggs)
2 thick slices of bread – your choice
Butter or spread of choice
Salt/pepper/chilli sauce to taste


1. Slice and cook the sausage, meanwhile scrambling the eggs.
2. Toast and butter the bread, then cut into triangles.
3. Add salt, pepper, and chilli sauce (all to taste) to the eggs, then mix in the sausage.
4. Pile egg and sausage mix onto toast and eat immediately.

**Also delicious when made with vegetarian sausage.

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