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Vintage And Retro Appliances – A Timeless Statement

There’s a lot to think about when you’re shopping for new kitchen appliances, and rightly so. After all, you’re investing in products that you’ll be looking at and using pretty much every day.

Choosing heavy duty items such as fridge-freezers, washing machines, toasters and kettles generally involves searching for appliances which are durable, affordably priced, efficient and reliable, and there’s no shortage of online charts that collate and compare this information for you. However, there’s no such shortcut to help you make the right choices when it comes to style.

Rather than falling for the latest fads in style, shape and material, many modern consumers are choosing the vintage look. Retro look kitchen appliances offer soft-edged curves ñ which scientists claim tend to stimulate the brain and make people feel happy ñ in contrast to the harsh corners and sharp lines of modern designs.

By opting for electrical products which embody the glamour of a previous age it’s possible to get the best of two worlds. Stylish retro-look appliances which are equipped with the full range of modern functions, yet designed to blend effortlessly into any dÈcor or design style, no matter how often you change it.

The ongoing popularity of retro-styled appliances is easy to understand. They represent a period in time where individuality and fun were important, an epoch where being freed from ‘rules’ moved design into a world of mix and match, and importantly, encouraging unique and personalised expression of style. Twenty-first century consumers continue to appreciate these features in contemporary versions of timeless classics.

Choosing retro-styled kitchen appliances allows you to express your individual taste, all the while safe in the knowledge that you have a timeless product. No matter how often you move house or redecorate your kitchen you’ll find your vintage look appliances fit right in. There’s no need to replace them, which is both a cost-effective and environmentally friendly outcome.

Vintage look appliances feature the best points of two worlds. Manufactured to the highest of contemporary standards, yet featuring the classy and timelessly attractive styling of vintage eras, the retro toasters and kettles we feature are perfect examples of great investments in essential kitchen appliances.

With a retro-styled toaster you get to enjoy the benefits and functionality of modern machines, including automatic turn off, easy clean functions, choice of toasting colour, and an appliance that can deal with various types of bread, along with the sleek and stylish look of a vintage design. While our vintage style kettles produce hot water in minutes, and look fabulous doing it.

Retro look appliances come in a range of colours and designs, leaving you free to choose what appeals to your personal taste and style. One thing is certain though, whether you go for the classic look of sleek chrome, or decide to add splashes of colour to your kitchen from a range of bold palettes, your vintage treasures will never date or lose their appeal, leaving you free to enjoy years of visual pleasure from your simplistic and elegantly styled appliances.

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