DeLonghi TCH8093ER Ceramic Tower Heater with LCD Screen & Remote Control

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DeLonghi TCH8093ER Ceramic Tower Heater with LCD Screen & Remote Control The TCH8093ER Ceramic Tower Heater from De’Longhi is modern and elegant in design. The safe and efficient ceramic heating element generates and retains heat more effectively than a traditional fan heater. The ceramic technology is efficient as it has a wide heating element and it is highly safe due to the self-regulating capability of the PTC element to control the power output in accordance to the temperature increase. The De’Longhi TCH8093ER has an adjustable room thermostat to set and automatically maintain the desired room temperature. In addition to the three variable heat settings to optimise energy consumption, the TCH8093ER also has a cool blow setting, making it ideal for those hot summer days. The elegant touch screen technology allows you to control the functions and the results are shown on the digital display. The advanced ECO PLUS function comes into play where the electronic temperature and power modulation reach the ideal comfort level and saves energy. This heater also comes with a 24 hr digital timer and a remote control for added convenience. The De’Longhi TCH8093ER has a silence system ,making the heater extremely quiet and ideal for use in any situation. The heater is built with a motor driven swivelling structure to distribute warm air to more parts of the room quickly and efficiently and the tower design also lends itself to more even heat distribution. The heater also has an anti-frost function, as well as a tip over safety switch system, power indicator light and removable and washable anti-dust filter. Ceramic heating strikes the balance between power and energy efficiency, through its self-regulating capability. Depending on the temperature in the room, it adjusts its output accordingly, drawing only the energy required to maintain an ideal temperature. The air in the room is channelled through a Positive Temperature Coefficient heating element, rapidly heating the air, which is then distributed into the room, providing a fast and efficient heating and evenly warming the room. Thanks to the ceramic heating element, an ideal level of comfort is guaranteed, while the overheat protection avoids glowing or accidental overheating. The perfect temperature, at the perfect efficiency level. Features: Easy to use soft touch control panel with all options included. Maximum heating power: 2400 W. 3 heating settings to optimise energy consumption. Advanced Eco-plus function Silence System. Motor-driven oscillating base, to distribute warm air to more parts of the room quickly and efficiently. Adjustable room thermostat and summer ventilation. Anti-frost function. Pilot light. Electronic tip over switch safety system. Removable and washable anti-dust filter Remote control EAN: 8004399143050