Bosch DS38 Vario Comfort Advanced Steam Generator Iron TDS3872GB

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Bosch TDS3872GB DS38 Vario Comfort Advanced Steam Generator Iron 6.5Bar 3100W 400g/min


Why Choose Bosch DS38 Vario Comfort Advanced System Steam Generator Iron?


  • Achieve a fine finish with i-temp technology that allows the optimum combination of temperature and steam, so you can iron all ironable fabrics quickly and safely
  • Experience a powerful deep steam for high fabric penetration, with three intensive steam shots up to 400 g
  • Iron efficiently using the VarioComfort9 feature that offers dedicated programs for all fabrics including silk, cotton and wool
  • Descale your iron with ease, thanks to the Calc’nClean system
  • Safely carry your iron by the handle with Secure Lock




  • High 6.5 bar steam pressure
  • 400 g: Deep steam through 3 intensive steam boosts up to 400 g
  • Wattage: 3100 W max.
  • Advanced steam system
  • CeraniumGlissée with steam channels and 3-phase-layout – ideal steam distribution and superb gliding
  • 2 minute fast heat up time


  • VarioComfort: Perfectly coordinated ironing programs for outstanding results – easy and intuitive to use
  • i-Temp: the perfect combination of temperature and steam for all ironable fabrics
  • antishine program: special protection for dark and delicate fabrics
  • 120 g/min continuous steam for an excellent finish
  • Extra large 1.4L continuous refill removable water tank for ease of use
  • Iron with “advanced steam system” for fast ironing
  • Removable non-slip iron pad
  • Convenient SecureLock System for safer steam station transportation and storage. Iron hand set can be secured onto the steam station via the SecureLock bar
  • Auto shut-off system
  • Anti-slip base



Eco button

Thanks to energy-saving steam settings, save up to 40% on water and 35% on energy. Do something good for the environment and for your green conscience.


With Bosch, the safety of appliances is extremely important and is ideally combined with a further convenient feature. One example of this is Secure, the clever auto shut-off. This function ensures safety and also saves energy because the iron switches off when it is left or is not used for a long time. To be precise, the iron switches off after 30 seconds when horizontal or after 8 minutes when standing on its base in a vertical position. This is a very convenient, safe and modern function that ensures worry-free ironing

Ultimate 400 PulseSteam

All it takes is one click to tackle extremely stubborn creases in thick fabrics. This activates the three intensive 400 g steam shots that are sure to smooth out any type of crease. Harness the extreme power of deep steam for your laundry with Ultimate 400 PulseSteam.


With PermanentRefill, you can iron non-stop. This is because the steam station remains ready for use even if you have to fill the water tank.

i-Temp Advanced

The times where you had to constantly change the temperature setting as you made your way through a mountain of ironing are definitely over. Thanks to the i-Temp Advanced function, which optimally combines temperature and steam. With this setting, all ironable fabrics can be ironed using the same basic setting — without the hassle of pre-sorting. This not only saves you time — you also no longer need to check the care instructions for every item of washing, saving you a lot of hassle too. Of course, that is a welcome relief — especially when it comes to ironing.

AdvancedSteam System

Leave nothing to chance when it comes to ironing. You can rely on the innovative AdvancedSteam System with an optimal and powerful steam output rate. It allows a targeted distribution of the steam over the fabric and deeper penetration into the fabric.


Using a refined system and the interaction of steam channels, outlet wholes and guides. This targeted steam makes ironing easier and also brings you to your goal faster: a pile of ironed laundry.


Extra hard enamel coated surface for especially high quality. As a reason there are better ironing results and best glidability. Resistant and easy-clean, dirt does not adhere, zippers do not leave scratches.

Calc’n Clean Perfect

A highly efficient cleaning system that cleans both the steam station boiler and iron to remove performance-reducing lime scale.

Calc’n Clean Timer

A convenient timer reminds you to clean the base unit and remove any lime scale using the special scale collector featured in the base unit.

AntiShine Protection

A CeraniumGlissee soleplate means smooth, easy ironing. Plus with the extra protect anti-shine function delicate and dark materials are protected from shiny patches.


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