Bosch Rotak 40-17 Ergoflex Electric Lawnmower 40cm Metal Blade and Rear Roller

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Bosch Rotak 40-17 Ergoflex Electric Lawnmower with 40cm Metal Blade and Rear Roller


The Bosch Rotak 40-17 Ergoflex – A powerful electric rotary lawnmower ideal for Large-sized lawns


Made in UK

The Rotak 40-17 Ergoflex is packed full of incredible features to ensure you get a pristine lawn every time.

The mower has a high speed 1700 W Bosch ‘Powerdrive’ motor that enabling you to cut long grass with ease, helping trim that start-of-season growth.

Featuring innovative grass combs, this lawnmower is able to easily cut up to or over the edge of your lawn giving a more thorough cut.

It has a full 40cm cutting width, ideal for medium sized lawns and offers a range of adjustable cutting heights.


Bosch ‘Powerdrive’: giving you maximum power

Running at 3600 rpm, the Rotak 40-17 Ergoflex is one of the lightest and fastest mowers of the Bosch range.

The high speed 1700 Watt motor and innovative gear set work together to keep the blade running at 3600 rpm by altering the torque supplied by the motor.

When the going gets tough, the system senses the increased load on the blade and increases the torque to the motor.


Ergoflex System–for practical, comfortable gardening

The sleek Bosch Ergoflex design is based around the comfort and simplicity of computer console handsets, ensuring support and ease of movement.

The mower can be operated left, right, one or two handed, horizontally or vertically, giving you 8 different grip positions to control the mower.

With an adjustable working height and multi-position handle, optimal power transfer is achieved.

Adjusting the mower to your body you can improve posture and reduce muscle strain.

Bosch Ergoflex Lawnmowers are the first ever garden products to achieve Ergonomic Certification.


Rotak Edge Trimming System

Grass combs–mow right up to the edge

With inset front wheels and innovative grass combs, the Rotak 40-17 Ergoflex can cut grass growing close to or over the edge of the lawn. This ensures that no strips of uncut grass are left behind even when cutting around flower beds, walls or paths.


Rotak Edge Height Adjustment

Height of cut adjustment

Decide from ten different height of cut positions ranging between 20 – 70 mm, with one handle. Choose a different height depending on the lawn condition or to most suit your own preference.


Rotak Roller

Get stripes with the rear roller

With the rear roller you can get that stately home look in your own garden, giving you precise stripes all over your lawn.

Additionally, and importantly, the rear roller offers stability over lawn edges and prevents scalping.


Lightweight and easy to carry and store–plus 15m cable

Lightweight at only 12.4 kg, and with its integrated carry handle, the Rotak 40-17 Ergoflex is easy to carry and store.

It comes complete with a 15m cable making it ideal for large sized lawns.


Large grassbox–less emptying

With a large 50 Litre grassbox, you won’t have to spend as much time emptying grass cuttings – so more time can be spent gardening.


About Bosch lawn and garden products

Bosch develops and manufactures a range of innovative powered garden products, sold around the world.

A trusted household name, you know Bosch products, and their accessories, are of the utmost quality.

All products are designed with the user in mind to make gardening tasks easier.


The Rotak 40-17 Ergoelectric lawnmower offers outstanding cutting performance and debris collection due to its hardened steel blade with LeafCollect function as well as an innovative airflow technology.

The new PowerDrive + system delivers consistently high torque in all conditions.

Its AGR certified Ergoflex handles make for easy handling and outstanding ergonomics.

The Bosch Rotak 40-17 Ergoflex cuts close to the edge thanks to innovative, extended grass combs.


Key product features

Outstanding cutting performance and debris collection due to hardened steel blade and innovative airflow technology.

Perfect finish: the new Powerdrive + system delivers consistently high torque in all conditions.

Outstanding ergonomics thanks to Ergoflex handles with AGR certificate.

Other product advantages


Ergonomic handles for easy handling

The Powerdrive + motor system ensures a reliable cut even under difficult conditions

50-litre grass box provides greater capacity and reduces interruptions needed for emptying

The new QuickClick handle system for exceptionally easy, tool-free initial assembly

Excellent handling characteristics due to smooth-running, rubber-coated wheels

The grass combs mow the grass perfectly right up to the edge

The LeafCollect function enables exceptional collection of leaves


Technical key data

Motor power     1.700 W

Width of cut       40 cm

Height of cut      20 – 70 mm

Grass box capacity           50 l

Weight 13 kg

Comes complete with

Grass box 50 l

Unser manual

Part number:     06008A4273

EAN code:           3165140816632

***   Brand new product, repacked in brown box, as the original box was damaged. ***

 *** Comes complete with all accessories, user manual, blade. ***

***2 year manufacturer warranty ***