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If you are interested in a state-of-the-art kitchen appliance for easy cooking and healthy eating, try the new Tefal ActiFry FZ700215. This product is more than a frying pan and definitely replaces a deep fryer. Three million households cannot be wrong. The electric pot has a capacity of one kilogram, this means you can cook a nutritious meal for four in one step.

Following are a few reasons why this fryer is so popular around the world. Healthy Good Eating Everyone today is conscious of the fat content in fried food. Just imagine the benefit of using only one spoonful (14 mL) of oil to cook one kilogram of chips. This means the chips weigh in at only three per cent fat. Because the paddle keeps moving, food does not stick to the sides and is more evenly cooked. The continuous air movement ensures that foods like mushrooms do not become soggy.

Easy to Use

Consumers who have reviewed this product agree that the instruction guide is really useful with simple instructions that are easy to follow.They also noted the Tefal ActiFry’s many useful features. There is no time spent preheating and there is a temperature control to ensure even heat throughout the cooking time. A filter takes care of any of the usual, lingering odors that come with deep frying. You can see in through the window that stays free of condensation.There is a button to push that stops the paddle and allows the pan to be opened at any time. This is particularly useful if you are adding ingredients at different times. The timer allows up to 99 minutes with a warning noise near the end of the cycle.

Easy to cleanThe Tefal ActiFry comes apart so the cover and pan can go into the dishwasher. The nonstick coating on the pan makes it especially easy to clean. Sometimes, all it needs is a wipe with a paper towel.

Variety of Foods

This is not your regular deep fryer. For guilt-free fried foods, the Tefal ActiFry is designed for you.Buy one now for a healthier lifestyle.

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