Philips GC4860/25 Azur Steam Iron with Safety Auto Off & Heat Resistant Storage Box 3.5 Bar 200g/min 2600W

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Philips GC4860/25 Azur Steam Iron with Safety Auto Off & Heat Resistant Storage Box  3.5 Bar 200g/min 2600W

Great ironing and safety day after day with Philips Azur

Why chose Philips Azur?

  • SteamGlide soleplate is Philips premium soleplate
  • Double Active Calc System prevents scale build-up
  • Steam output of up to 50 g/min for better crease removal
  • Steam boost up to 200 g for tough wrinkle removal
  • Heat-resistant storage box for easy storage

Philips Azur is designed for faster crease removal and long lasting results.

The Philips SteamGlide soleplate glides smoothly and easily across all fabrics, reaching into the trickiest of areas with its pointed tip with button groove.

Built for optimal performance day after day, this reliable iron will not let you down. Its high steam output delivers powerful consistent steam for ideal results, every time.

Now comes with a heat protection storage box for extra safety and convenient storage.

Powerful steam for faster crease removal

Steam output is measured in grams of weight as it leaves the soleplate.

The heavier the output the deeper the steam can reach into the fabric layers for longer lasting crease removal.

This steam iron has a powerful continuous steam output of 50g per minute for consistently fast results and a 200g steam boost for deep crease removal.

Thanks to the carefully crafted soleplate design, the steam is distributed evenly across the soleplate.

This way you need fewer ironing strokes to evenly moisten the garment and therefore less time to complete the ironing.

Vertical Steam

The iron can be used vertically and the steam is powerful enough to be used to iron out creases from curtains or hanging clothes for example suit jackets or dresses that might need a refresh.

SteamGlide soleplate

SteamGlide soleplate has great scratch resistance, glides excellent and is easy to clean.

Precision steam tip

The steam tip of this Philips iron, combines a particularly pointed front of the soleplate with special elongated steam slots in the tip, to reach right into the smallest and most difficult areas for the best ironing results.

Drip-stop system

The Drip Stop system of your Philips steam iron lets you iron delicate fabrics at low temperatures without having to worry about stains from water droplets.

Heat-resistant storage box

This heat-resistant storage box is designed for storing the hot iron easily. For optimal performance and longer lifetime of your box, always unplug the iron and empty the water tank before storing the iron in the box. When you put a hot iron in the box, the bottom of the box also becomes warm on the outside, but there is no risk of burning.

Double Active Calc System

Double Active Calc system of your Philips steam iron prevents scale build-up through anti scale pills and an easy to use calc clean function.

Safety Auto Off

Iron shuts off automatically when in one of three following situations; the iron is held still for 30 seconds on soleplate, 30 seconds lying on a side or standing on its heel rest for 8 minutes.

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