Karcher WV5 Premium 2nd Generation Window Vacuum Cleaner with Rechargeable Battery

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Karcher WV5 Premium 2nd Generation Window Vacuum Cleaner with Rechargeable Battery

  • The new, professional Window Vac from Karcher
  • Fast and efficient cleaning and drying of windows
  • Streak-free, drip-free cleaning results right up to the edge
  • Cleans up to 105m2 per charge
  • The complete cleaning system


As the inventor of the battery powered Window Vac, Kärcher has revolutionised – and perfected – window cleaning.

As a result of its practical vacuuming function and simple handling, window cleaning with Kärcher latest versions of their rechargeable Window Vac’s is noticeably better, easier and quicker than it ever has using traditional methods.

Its powerful suction and patented blade technology make dripping water and puddles a thing of the past.

Window Vacs are also ideal for other smooth surfaces such and mirrors, shower screens and tiles with the result always being the same: gleaming cleanliness with no streaks or residue.


The new WV 5 Premium is easy to use and ensures clean, streak-free windows in no time – without drips. Allows continuous cleaning thanks to extended run time and battery replacement option.

As the inventor of the original Window Vac Kärcher offers you the ideal device for effortless, streak-free and drip-free cleaning of your windows with the new WV 5 Premium.

The new WV 5 Premium comes with an interchangeable battery system which allows for uninterrupted window cleaning thanks to the optional second battery.

The soft components on the handle make the WV 5 Premium easier to handle and more ergonomic than the previous range.

When the WV5 is combined with the spray bottle and wiper it ensures highly effective cleaning and gleaming windows – without any drips, smears or streaks.

Thanks to the additional narrow vacuum head, even small windows and narrow surfaces can be cleaned.

The WV5 Premium comes with a small head which is great for smaller areas such as Georgian windows and smaller restrictive areas.

WV5 Premium also comes with a spray bottle with a microfibre cloth. Add in the detergent and then spray onto the windows and agitate with the Micro fibre cloth to help clean the windows before removing the water to leave a streak free finish.


Removable battery  

Removable battery and optional second battery allow windows to be cleaned without interruption.

Battery level indicator         

Three LEDs above the on/off switch show the current charging state.

Comfortable window edge cleaning         

Adjustable bar spacer for perfectly streak-free window cleaning right up to the edges.

The original  

Original Kärcher quality from the inventor of the window vacuum.


10% quieter than the previous models.

High level of comfort           

The rubber handle coating makes the window vac more comfortable to hold.

Three times faster    

The battery-powered Window Vac makes cleaning windows three times faster than traditional methods.

Drip, streak-free results      

Thanks to the Kärcher window vac, streaks have been banished, giving you beautifully clear windows


Quickly and easily empty the tank without coming in contact with dirty water.

Range of applications         

The window vac can be used on all smooth surfaces such as tiles, mirrors, work surfaces or shower screens.

  • Windows
  • All smooth surfaces
  • Mirrors
  • Tiles
  • Glass tables
  • Shower screens

Special Features

  • 1 litre wet capacity.
  • Total capacity 0.1 litres.
  • 35 mins running time on full charge.
  • 240 volts rechargeable power.
  • Sucks up wet and dry spills.



Working width of vacuum nozzle (cm)           280

Dirty water container capacity (ml)    100

Battery charge time (min.)      210

Battery running time (min.)     35

Area cleaned per battery charge        Approx. 105 m² = 35 windows

Voltage (V)      100 – 240

Frequency (Hz)           50 – 60

Weight incl. battery (kg)          0.7

Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm)           125 x 280 x 325

Removable lithium-ion battery

Suction nozzle, wide with distance spacers, 280 mm

Suction nozzle, narrow, 170 mm


Spray bottle with microfibre cloth


What’s in the box?

Brand Karcher

Model WV5 Premium 2nd Generation

Charger & Battery

Suction Heads

Spray bottle

Mircofiber cloth


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