FLYMO UltraGlide Hover Mower Electric Lawnmower DuoTech System 36cm Blade 1800W

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FLYMO UltraGlide Hover Mower Electric Lawnmower Dual Tech Electric 36 cm Blade 1800W

The Flymo Ultra Glide is the most advanced Flymo hover mower yet, with a powerful DuoTech system that offers the ultimate vacuum experience. Ideal for garden, it allows you to cut close to walls, fences and over edges.

What is different with the UltraGlide?
Unlike a traditional hover mower the UltraGlide has two separate compartments; one to create the cushion of air to lift the lawnmower from the lawn, and another containing the lawnmowers blade to cut the grass and collect it.
The way in which the Flymo UltraGlide collects the grass is its unique and innovative Duo Tech system. The benefit of having two separate compartments is that it allows you to mow over the edges of your lawn. A traditional hover mower would lose its cushion of air and fall. The lawnmowers blade would then sheer the grass. By having the vacuum that creates the cushion of the air separate to the cutting blade and at the back of the lawnmower, means the blade can be run over the edge of the lawn and still remain balanced and float.

How does the Duo Tech system work?
The Duo Tech system works in three simple steps.
1. The powerful vacuum lifts and straightens the uncut grass. This helps ensure the grass is cut at the same length across all your lawn.
2. Grass is neatly cut and propelled off the tip of the UltraGlides metal blade and propelled up the chute and into the grassbox. Unlike a traditional hover mower the grass does not touch the floor when cut. This ensures more grass is collected and less is left on your lawn.
3. The vacuum system then removes the air from the grass collection box, compacting the grass allowing more grass to be collected.

Benefits of the Flymo UltraGlide
The Flymo UltraGlide is the most advanced electric hover mower on the market today, and is made Flymos UK factory in Newton Aycliffe in County Durham. Its unique innovative design enables it to;
• Collect more grass
• Cut closer to edges
• Give a better finish
• Make mowing quicker and easier than ever before

The UltraGlide is packed with helpful features making mowing your lawn quick and easy. Some of the key features of the UltraGlide include:

• A single lever to allowing the user to adjust the cutting height of the lawnmower quickly and easily. Typically hover mowers require you to remove the blade and add or remove spacers to adjust the cutting height.
• Spring assisted handles ensure the lawnmower is ready to use whenever you are.
• Wheels have been added to the front of the UltraGlide to make it easy to transport to and from the shed or garage to your garden.
• The UltraGlide is easy to carry and folds down for easy storage.
• Its large 30 litre grassbox is easy to remove and empty

1800 watt electric rotary motor.
Metal blade.
36cm blade width.
4 cutting heights.
Cutting heights ranging from 1.3cm-3.2cm.
30 litre grass collection box.
Cuts close to walls, fences and over edges.
15m power cable.
Safety switch.
Weight 12kg.
EAN: 7393080457776.


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