DeLonghi EC680M Dedica Espresso And Cappuccino 15 Bar Pump Coffee Machine Stainless Steel

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DeLonghi EC860.M Dedica Espresso And Cappuccino 15 Bar Pump Coffee Machine Stainless Steel

The traditional milk frother allows you to impress your guests by manually frothing the milk whilst making them the ideal cappuccino or latte.

The new Dedica Espresso Maker provides the perfect espresso, latte, or cappuccino at home, all while only taking up 6 Inch of space on your countertop.
It also features thermo block technology which allows the machine to heat up quickly and be ready within 35 seconds.
It has sturdy stainless steel construction and buttons for automatic flow stop. The new Cappuccino Frother provides Barista quality foam for your favorite milk based espresso drinks.

Sleek Design provides outstanding espresso while only taking up 6 Inch of space

Thermo block technology allows the machine to heat up to the ideal temperature in a quick 40 seconds

Cappuccino Frothing system provides Barista quality foam.

Thermoblock is the type of boiler found in many De’Longhi coffee machines. It only heats enough water for your coffee serving, achieving a stable and accurately controlled water temperature that is crucial for brewing the ideal coffee.
This reduces warm-up time, so that your coffee machine is ready for use in seconds, and is made to be more energy efficient when compared to traditional boilers. The coffee temperature can be tailored further in the menu settings.

One or two cups
Select one or two cups of coffee at the same time just by pressing the relevant button. The number of coffees selected is indicated with a single or double cup on the front panel.

Cup shelf
Allows you to place cups and glasses on the machine and have them always ready to hand, warmed up for your perfect hot beverage.

Flow stop
You can pre-set and store the quantity of coffee in the cup.

The EC680 allows you to make an excellent espresso or a smooth cappuccino with the gestures typical of a barista, thanks to the 500 gram professional filter holder. Designed to be used both with ground coffee or ESE pods, the filter holder is equipped with 3 interchangeable stainless steel filters to prepare one or two coffees, when using ground coffee, or to use the ESE pod. The “end-stroke lock” mechanism ensures that the filter holder is perfectly attached to the machine body.

Please note: if the user packs the coffee grounds too tightly in the filter then the pressure will build up and as the water cannot penetrate the coffee, it will leak out.
The pressure in these is 15 BAR and that is enough to cause a violent reaction. A simple matter of not packing the coffee grounds too tightly would prevent this issue.

Energy Saving Function
The standby button and auto-off features permits maximum energy saving to save money and respect the environment (Energy Class A).

Key Features

• This stylish De’Longhi Dedica Pump Espresso Coffee Machine gives you the professional look and feel for the traditional barista way to prepare the perfect espressos, cappuccinos, lattes and other milk drinks.
• Its simple and contemporary form is sleek and slim and at only 15cm wide and with its Thermoblock boiler, this pump espresso coffee machine will enhance performance, quality ease of use and customisation for all your hot beverages.
• It can either be used with ground coffee or Easy Serving Espresso (ESE) pods and comes with 3 interchangeable crema devices for 1 or 2 cups simultaneously.
• If you prefer herbal or fruit teas, this machine can also dispense hot water with its fast heat-up time of 35 seconds.
• With its flow stop function you are able to consistently personalise your coffee every time.
• Manual milk frother allows you to mix steam, air and milk, produce a rich, dense and creamy froth for great cappuccino, latte, Espresso Macchiato and much more.
• Removable drip tray with water level indicator.


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