Cobra MT645 MicroTalk Twin-Pack Walkie-Talkie Radios PMR446 5-Miles Range, Rechargeable

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Cobra MT645 MicroTalk Twin-Pack Walkie-Talkie Radios PMR446 5-Miles Range, Rechargeable

The Cobra MT645 is a set of license free walkie-talkies capable of providing a range of up to 5miles.

Equipped with voice activated transmission enables you to communicate easily with others whilst keeping your hands-free. An LCD display for ease of use, up to 5 selectable call alerts to distinguish between different parties of incoming calls and keystroke tone signal are good reasons to choose this model.

Special Features

No License Required

Ideal for outdoors activities: competitions, sports events, running, hiking, cycling, off-road & trials, heavy plant /construction work, business / warehouse work.

Perfect for festivals, concerts, camping, team buildings, group holidays, stag & hen parties etc.

Unique for having 8 miles action range, 8 Channels, 121 Privacy Codes

PMR446 Licence free across Europe & UK.

Legal to use, free anywhere in Europe and the UK, no call charges, no line rental, no contract and the uses are endless.

Cobra MT645 is one of the best 2-way radio sets on the market. Uses AAA rechargeable batteries.  Never need to buy battery packs again. Designed to use standard AAA Alkaline batteries in an emergency

The Cobra MT975 PMR446 is a top of the range two way radio which is ideal for many uses from family holidays to outdoor sports events.

The MT645 is a top quality two-way radio from front-runners Cobra, showcasing an ultra-clear long-distance reception UHF FM with approximately 8Km / 5miles range which may change based on geography and types of conditions etc.

Auto ‘Squelch’ function instantly turns off fragile transmissions or disturbance as a result of landscape or range restrictions.

These walkie-talkies from Cobra allow clear conversation between users, for up to 8 km or 5 miles.

Compact and lightweight, you can take them anywhere.

The Roger beep lets you know when to speak to your listener.

Powered by rechargeable batteries via micro USB.

Also with a VOX mode the Cobra MT975 PMR446 can be set to transmit as soon as it detects your voice, so you don’t even have to press any buttons.

Why chose Cobra MT645 ?

  • Approximately 8Km Range | ‘Roger’ Beep Tone
  • Call Notify Using 5 Selectable Ring-Tone Sounds
  • Key Lock And Hands-Free Functioning VOX
  • Keypad Safe Removes Unintentional Channel Modifications
  • LCD Display And 6 AA NiMH Rechargeable Batteries
  • Micro USB Charging Wire With Y Connector Integrated
  • Multilingual Handbook – Belt Clip – No Permit Or Expenses
  • Standard Rechargeable Batteries Are Incorporated

Privacy Codes

  • The Cobra MT645 supports two privacy options, CTCSS (Continuous Tone Coded Squelch System) and DCS (Digital Coded Squelch)
  • You can set a CTCSS privacy code (38 codes are available), or DCS (83 codes available).You can use either, but not both, to ensure that you’re not on the same channel as others. DCS is digital coding and CTCSS is analogue.
  • Press the Mode button until CTCSS or DCS appears. Then use the up and down buttons to select a code, and press the Enter button

These two-way radios are great for a number of purposes – keeping in touch when out-and-about, handy for walking or cycling, and of course, as great boy’s toy.

Kids love using them!

When you were a kid, would you have killed for a set of talkie-talkies that would reach your mate’s house, or even when you went round a corner? Kids have endless fun using these radios, playing hide and seek in teams, checking up their mates, playing strategy games, it’s actually contagious!

The Cobra MT 645 walkie-talkies are useful not only when skiing, but also for mountain biking, trekking, rock-climbing, canoeing, boating or just country walks.

On camping holidays give a walkie-talkie to different family members so they can go off and enjoy different activities and sports and still be able to get in touch if needed.

Great fun when having weekend parties with your group of friends, everything can go wild whilst you keep in touch with all of them at the same time.

Technical Specifications ( for single unit)

Communicates with all other PMR 446 radios- No License Required.

Brand Cobra

Model MT645 Micro Talk Twin Pack

Width (cm) 6.13

Depth (cm) 3.946

Height (cm) 15.362

Weight (g) 97.5

Radio System Type PMR

Channels 8

Power (watts) 0.5

Max Talk Range 8 km / 5 miles

Call Alerts 5


Call Button, Power Button, Channel Selector, Scroll Buttons, Volume Button, Channel Scan Button, PTT Button

Sub-Channels Qty (Ana./Dig.)  38/83

VOX Sensitivity 5-level

Channel Scan

Audible Call Alert

Keypad Lock

Talk Confirmation Tone

Display Type LCD


Speaker; Microphone; DC Power Input Jack

Belt Clip

Power Adapter

Battery 3 x AAA Rechargeable

What’s in the box?

Cobra MT645 Micro Talk Twin Pack

6 x Rechargeable Batteries

2 x Belt Clips

1 x Dual USB Charging Cable

Item is new-sealed with full manufacturer’s warranty