Brita Maxtra water filter cartridge, 2 pack

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Brita Maxtra water filter cartridge.

The BRITA Maxtra filter cartridge with the unique Maxtra 4-Step Filtration has +20% improved limescale reduction compared to the BRITA Classic cartridge*. In addition to that, it reduces other substances such as chlorine, which affect the taste and odour in your tap water, reduces certain heavy metals (like copper and lead) along with certain pesticides. Organic impurities are also reduced. The result is cleaner, clearer water for great tasting hot and cold drinks, delicious food and less limescale build up in your domestic appliances.

2pc, Brita Maxtra water filter cartridge.

For use with select products including:

Bosch Filtrino series including:

Bosch Tassimo T43 Joy series (TAS43xx) including:
TAS4302GB, TAS4303GB, TAS4304GB

Bosch Tassimo T45 Joy series (TAS450x) including:
TAS4502GB, TAS4503GB, TAS4504GB

Bosch Tassimo T55 Charmy series (TAS55xx) including:
TAS5542GB, TAS5546GB

Bosch Tassimo T65 Fidelia Plus series (TAS65xx) including:

Bosch Tassimo T75 Caddy series (TAS75xx) including:

Bosch Tassimo T85 Fidelia Plus series (TAS85xx) including:

*vs. BRITA Classic when used in BRITA jug water filters (average according to BRITA standard test protocol)