Bosch Tassimo Service T-Disc for cleaning and descaling, 00624088

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Bosch Tassimo Service T-Disc “B” Orange 00624088

This Bosch T-Disc is necessary for cleaning and descaling of Bosch Tassimo multi-drinks machines.
Previous part numbers: 00632396, 00576837

Fits the following Bosch Tassimo models:

T43 Joy series (TAS43xx) including:
TAS4302GB, TAS4303GB, TAS4304GB

T45 Joy series (TAS450x) including:
TAS4502GB, TAS4503GB, TAS4504GB

T47 Joy series (TAS47xx) including:
TAS4701, TAS4703

T55 Charmy series (TAS55xx) including:
TAS5542GB, TAS5546GB

T75 Caddy series (TAS75xx) including: