Bosch Tassimo Joy Purple T43 TAS4301GB
Bosch Tassimo Joy Purple T43 TAS4301GB
Bosch Tassimo Joy Purple T43 TAS4301GB

Bosch Tassimo Joy T43 Purple Coffee Machine TAS4301GB

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Bosch Tassimo T43 Joy Purple TAS4301GB

To prepare hot drinks one among more than 40 that can achieve Tassimo Joy, simply choose corresponding pod (called T-Disc), placing it in the dedicated compartment and then press the START button. That’s it!

The secret? T-Disc are actually carry a barcode that Joy Tassimo can read. Therefore, she knows what drink is desired and adjusts accordingly the amount of water, temperature and duration of the preparation. Simple and effective.

Once launched, Joy Tassimo via a warning light indicates the current cycle. Flashing drink is prepared, illuminated, the drink is ready.

Two other indications bright specify whether to add water in the tank and it is time to descale the Tassimo Joy.

Note: the support is height adjustable, Tassimo Joy accepts all kinds of cups, glasses and cups.

Second asset, his pace.

The Tassimo Bosch Joy takes a brilliant front, sides matt gray and chrome elements. Side color, Bosch novel plays with a purple sympathetic, moreover, is also a hit in the fashion …! Bosch Tassimo its more Joy in black and white.

Tassimo Joy loves Planet

Tassimo Joy consumes less than 0.5 W in standby mode (a mode that automatically engages after preparation) and 80% of its components are recyclable. More Bosch says: “through hydroelectric sources and biomass energy, less water consumption and energy are needed in making Tassimo Joy.

Key Features:

Bosch Tassimo coffee maker Joy (reference Bosch T43)

• Power 1300 W

• capacity removable water tank 1.4 L

• T-Disc technology (with barcode)

• System Thermoflux

• single command button

• customize the intensity of the drink

• Auto Standby

• Over 40 different drinks

• Automatic steam cleaning between drinks

• cup holder height adjustable

• Disk and descaling program

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