Bosch Compact Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner, Silver-Blue BGL3A212GB

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Bosch BGL3A212GB Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner, Silver-Blue

The Bosch BGL3A212GB Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner offers strong performance in a handy format for quick and easy cleaning.

PowerProtect System: for long-lasting cleaning performance, even when the bag fills up
Great cleaning performance class on hard floor
Less frequent dust bag changes and lower costs thanks to large 4 litre dust bag volume
Hygienic filter for clean exhaust air. Reaches dust re-emission class B

Bosch’s no-nonsense Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner will deliver power and practicality to your cleaning routine. Crafted to blend simple operation with seamless dust removal, the BGL3A212GB is a top-notch bagged vacuum cleaner.

Power & Practicality
With the generous 4L bag capacity and 600W power, this has the goods to suck up all types of dust and grime. Also, with the extra-long 7.5m cable, you won’t be tied down as you vacuum your home. With such top-specs, you can’t go wrong with this essential cleaning appliance.

Versatile Vacuuming
Whether you’re tackling dust on carpet or hard floor, this cleaner will do a stellar job. It comes with an additional hard floor nozzle too, so all homes are catered for.

Quiet & Efficient
With the quiet 79dB operation, you won’t bring the house down as you clean. Also, with its excellent A Energy Efficiency Rating, you’ll keep your bills down and your home green.

Product features

New innovative HiSpin Motor with aerodynamic blades and perfectly calibrated air flow for high dust pick-up with low energy consumption
PowerProtect System: for long-lasting cleaning performance, even when the bag fills up
The PowerProtect dustbag ensures high performance when the bag fills up. Less dustbag changes. Less follow-up costs
Best performance of your appliance we recommend usage of PowerProtect Dustbags, Type G ALL
Best cleaning performance class on hard floor (Class A according to energy label (EU No. 665/2013))

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency class A


Hygienic filter for clean exhaust air. Reaches dust re-emission class B
Replacement dustbags: TYP G ALL


Adjustable floor tool
Hard floor nozzle especially developed for in-depth cleaning of floors with crevices and gaps like tiles and floor boards. Suitable for gentle cleaning of sensitive floors like parquet
Crevice tool and upholstery nozzle
Telescopic tube
Ergo grip handle
Dust bag capacity XL
Automatic cable rewind
Operating radius: 10 m
Variable suction control
4 swivel wheels
Dust bag change indicator
Parking and storage aids
Weight: 4.3 kg (cylinder only)

Energy label values

Energy efficiency class: A
Annual energy consumption: 28 kwh
Dust re-emission class: B
Cleaning performance class carpet: D
Cleaning performance class hard floors: A
Sound power level: 79 dB(A)
*** Suction power with partly filled dust bag (400 g) in comparison to Siemens / Bosch Type G dust
bags without PowerProtect Technology, tested in an appliance of BSGL5… / VSZ5… range
Measurements and calculations of values are based on Regulation (EU) No. 666/2013.
Measurements and calculations of values which are not described in greater detail in this regulation, are performed according to EN 60312-1:2013.

EAN: 4242002934297

Product Condition:
Certified Grade A Refurbished
Certified Grade A products have been professionally refurbished to manufacturer specifications and may have very light handling marks or light cosmetic blemishes. The products have been individually inspected by qualified a technician and certified to be Grade A. The certification process includes full functionality testing and reconditioning to meet full manufacturer specifications.

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